What is sleep paralysis

You just woke up, but you can not say anything or move? That’s how sleep paralysis looks like! Why, despite waking up, the body is still sleeping? This is because the REM phase continues. During the REM phase, the body goes into a state of paralysis (we call this atonia) so that they do not get hurt when something happens to us.
During sleep paralysis you can only control the breath, so it is worth reassuring. It is estimated that sleep paralysis affects 10-50% of people, both men and women. There are two diferent types of sleep paralysis: hypnagonic (when you fall asleep) and hypnopompic (when you wake up).

What causes sleep paralysis

No direct cause of sleep paralysis has been identified so far. It is suspected that it is more common in the absence of sleep, when the body is more tired. From this follows a simple advice: drop yourself, and the probability of paralysis will be less. There is a higher incidence of young adults and people with mental health problems.

How long does sleep paralysis last

In most cases, sleep paralysis takes about 2-3 minutes. Everyone can have a different time. You have to remember that a paralyzed person can be hard to determine the exact time.

Can you die from sleep paralysis

Should I worry about sleep paralysis? According to research, it does not threaten life, so it is best to care about it as little as possible. It may not be easy considering the horror you experience. It is not so easy to go to everyday life, when we were threatened with deadly danger. But remember: you cant die from sleep paralysis!

Sleep paralysis stories

Here are some descriptions of a sleep paralysis experienced by various people:

I can see a black figure in the room that is creeping in my direction. This character comes to my bed and sits on me. After a while he starts to choke me. I want to move, but I can not. I’ve been trying it for some time, but it does not bring any effects. Only after 2-3 minutes I regain control over my body, and the black figure disappears. I have had several similar sleeping paralyzes several times. It is quite terrible, especially this impotence. I do not recommend this to anyone! Now you know, what is sleep paralysis!

It seems to me that I am lying on the ground in some jungle or in the forest. I can not hear any sounds, but the picture is very clear and detailed. I see, among others trees, bushes, tufts of grass and sunbeams. At some point, the snake begins to approach me. I do not know about snake species, but this one is really big! It’s getting closer, and despite my efforts, I can not even move my finger. What a nightmare! The snake starts to braid me, and I still can not move. I wonder what I can do in this situation, but nothing comes to my mind. I do not wonder if it really happens or is it just a dream. At some point, I just wake up to the end and I realize that it was just a dream, a bad dream.

And now it’s time for my story! I lived 20 years without any idea what paralysis was. It was only at college that the first time something happened to me was terrible, the more that I did not know what it is. It was only after a few years that I read about sleep paralysis. I learned that it affects many people. Now I will describe how it looks with me. I most often dream about people or animals that are a threat to me. Sometimes it is a figure that does not resemble a human being. If it’s an animal, it’s usually a scorpion or a spider that’s slowly approaching me. Never an event happens quickly. Usually I wake up after a few minutes and then it comes to me that it was just a dream. Each time it is unpleasant for me, but sometimes the hallucinations after waking up make me laugh.