Pancake Pillow

Pancake Pillow Review

There are few people in the world who can honestly say that they have never-ever woken up with an aching neck or back, or a headache because of an unfortunately chosen pillow (or lack thereof). Most  of the pillow problems usually boil down to the height of your head support, whether it is too high or too low. That is when the Pancake Pillow comes to rescue.

Pancake Pillow Overview

Pancake Pillow ReviewThe Pancake Pillow is composed of six inner pillow layers – almost like a fluffy pancake stack. A single layer is about 2” thick when compressed, and, once fluffed, can reach about 4 – 5”. Once fluffed, it becomes very soft. The outer case is 100% pure cotton and it wraps around a down-like microfiber fill, giving the sleeper a sense of soft luxury. The materials are all hypoallergenic, and will not irritate your skin. The standard size is 18 by 26 inches.

Who should use Pancake Pillow

This is a pillow for anyone. Are you a stomach sleeper? The Pancake Pillow is the best pillow for stomach sleepers; it is also the best pillow for side sleepers, and the best pillow for back sleepers. All this thanks to its design: six layers that you can freely stack up and fluff.

Pancake Pillow ReviewEveryone sleeps differently. What’s more, the fact that you consider yourself a side sleeper today does not mean that you can’t become a back sleeper in a week’s time. One person may change their sleeping habits overnight (literally.) No one wants to wake up full of pain and or to spend money and energy getting different pillows every time you change your sleeping position (which may easily happen when you get pregnant, grow in height, suffer an injury – or simply change your sleeping position with seemingly no reason at all.) The Pancake Pillow design is also a solution for families who usually need many pillows for many people. With the Pancake Pillow, you can just get the number of pillows you need and let your family members decide what their level of comfort is (quite literally.)

The pillow is particularly recommended to stomach sleepers who suffer from lower back pain, as the pillow will keep the neck and spine in alignment. Since you yourself decide the thickness of the pillow, it is extremely easy to make sure that when you bury your face in the pillow it is not too hot and does not smother you.

What are the benefits

The pillows inside are of course washable and the maintenance is simple. You can get the pillow clean in a washing machine and a drier. There are three zips on the sides of the pillow, making it super easy to get the pillow pads out to wash.

The product is satisfaction guaranteed, so you have the right to return it if you end up dissatisfied with it (unlikely!) It got 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Pancake Pillow Review

What are the problems

According to some comments found online, the pillows were slightly smaller than some customers anticipated. You could consider purchasing a Queen-sized pillow or several pillows if you feel that you need a bigger pillow to sleep comfortably.

As with products of this kind, the price is also slightly steeper than that of the average pillow. However, this seems to be directly related to the quality of the product. The price for what you get – that is, a high-quality, original design product, is more than reasonable.


The pros clearly outweight the cons. The Pancake Pillow is an excellent choice for anyone, especially for stomach sleepers. It is also a practical solution for families. Overall, we definitely recommend the Pancake Pillow. In the end, there is no way to avoid sleep, so let’s keep it comfortable.