My Pillow

My Pillow Review

Everybody loves to sleep. After a hard day’s work, there are few things that we long for more than lying down on a comfortable mattress, resting our head on a soft pillow, shutting our eyes, and letting our senses relax. On the other hand, there are few things that are less desirable than struggling to keep your eyelids up after a bad night’s rest. What often makes things worse are headaches, back and neck pain, and numb limbs. A sense of exhaustion in the morning might be avoided by using a pillow and mattress that are just right, as everybody loves to sleep – differently. Getting a pillow designed for your needs and habits is the first step in creating your perfect sleeping conditions. This MyPillow review presents a pillow that will make anyone’s dreams come true: MyPillow Premium Series Bed Pillow.

What does MyPillow look like?

It was made with patented interlocking fill using polyester fibers. Its open cell design allows the air to flow so that the danger of waking up in a fury because of a hot piece of fabric sticking to your face will be gone forever. Thanks to its structure and design, the pillow is not easily flattened or deformed, so feel free to squeeze and curve it any way you fancy. The pillow will stay just as firm as when it first arrived.

MyPillow can be washed and dried. It is recommended that you wash it every 8 or 16 weeks – this way, you will keep the feeling of freshness and cleaniness.

Who’s it for?

Do you like to sleep with you arm under the pillow? Or perhaps you need to support your back? Is wrapping something around your neck or shoulders the best way of avoiding a painful morning? MyPillow can be moulded to suit anyone.

My Pillow ReviewWhether you sleep on you stomach or on your back, the pillow has enough give for you to rest comfortably.

If you sleep on the side, the MyPillow filling provides enough support. Pregnant women often enjoy the pillow as it provides extra support for the stomach and chest.

However, to enjoy all of the above, you need to make sure it fits you when it comes to size (there are four loft levels) and sleeping position (back, stomach, side, all). Everyone is a different size, and every size differs when it comes to how much support and thickness you need. The point is to avoid feeling as if you were suffocated or devoured your own pillow! Luckily, choosing the right size is fairly easy since you only need to know your T-shirt size. The space between your shoulders and the matress largely decides your size – and, incidentally, also how much pillow thickness will be most comfortable for you. You can also opt for a Queen Size if you feel that you need more soft pampering in bed.


The pillow has a 10-year waranty. It is easily molded into any positioning. Unlike foam- or feather-filled pillows, MyPillow has no odor upon arrival and needs no airing to get rid of the bad smell. It is also lighter and less rigid than foam pillows, and still supportive for any sleeping position.


It almost seems like a no-brainer. If you don’t have the time to air, mould and remould your pillows by measuring the amount of filling you will need, then MyPillow is the head (and body) support you need. It comes ready to make you weightless – almost as if you didn’t even need a pillow… And after all, that is what one usually wants after a long day: to close your eyes, forget about the burdersome reality, and dream weightlessly.