Conforma Memory Foam Pillow (Classic Brands)


A good night’s sleep reinvigorates your entire physical and mental system when you wake up first in the morning. There are countless health benefits in a good deep sleep.  A proper sleep helps you in recovering from the stress and strain of the previous day and makes you physically fit to face the onslaught of the day ahead. Therefore, for inducing a deep sleep a good pillow is a must to support the neck, head, spine and other upper parts of the body. However, if a pillow is comfortable, it prevents the sleeper from tossing and turning in the night and also provides an uninterrupted sleep throughout the late hours.

People with an inclination to sleep on their side would prefer Conforma Memory Foam Pillow as it provides ample support to the head and neck region. Only this brand has the firmness and the consistency required by a side sleeper.

Features of the Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

Here are some astounding features introduced by Classic Brands in the way of Conforma Memory Foam Pillow.

  • Its material consists of blended cotton of the purest types.
  • The pillow is made of foam, and its benefit lies in relieving pressure and prevents you from tossing and turning during your slumber.
  • The Conforma Memory Foam Pillow has been evaluated as the world’s most comfortable pillow as it has been made by using the Cooling Thermal Regulation Technology, which easily acclimatizes with your body temperature so that you can sleep with peace.
  • The pillow has undergone a clinical modification and has been reinforced: it consists of hypoallergenic materials which can be used by anyone without fear of contracting any respiratory or dermatology irritants.Conforma Memory Foam Pillow (Classic Brands)
  • The pillow has been authenticated to contain textile materials which are totally dust resistant and restricts from dirt accumulation if any.
  • The Foam Pillow has been examined innumerable times and is mite resistant and does not allow any mite to form its habitat because of its inbuilt pest repellant materials.
  • The pillow is environment-friendly as it has been manufactured without using CFCs, CPSC, TDCPP, Mercury, lead or TCEP.
  • The Conforma Memory Foam Pillow is made out of velour which has been knitted and blended with cotton making it slightly stretchable.
  • The cover is removable and washable too, but one should be careful while washing so that it retains its softness.
  • The Coronary Foam Pillow has sufficient ventilated pores to enhance aeration and cause Cool Sleep technology.
  • This Pillow gives perfect support to your head, neck, and shoulders in tandem and also provides symmetrical alignment to your spine.
  • It has hassle free maintenance and easy to manage.
  • The company has no hesitation in offering a 5-year warranty in case of any defects arising post purchase.


Please note the Pillows manufactured by Classic Brands are genuine and is available in Queen Size. However, if you feel you are not receiving your money’s worth, you have the option to ask for a refund within 30 days of its purchase which the Company is bound to oblige. However, while making your purchase, please ensure that the Brand Name of Classic Brands are enumerated on the products, ensuring the authenticity of the product and the comforts it has to offer.